Learn Python In Its Entirety

DotPy is the only Ed Tech you need when it comes to Python. A complete Python path to set you on your journey from Random person to Mr Random Person: Senior Software Engineer.

Have a career in Python

Learn the rock solid foundations and then move forward to learning the job ready skills for a career path.

High Quality Skill Path

Learn not just the language but the thought process of being a developer.

  • High Standard Material

    Learn intricate programming concepts in a fun and simplified manner. Content is downloadable as well to ensure those pesky moments without internet are bareable.

  • Quick Response Times

    Receive timely mentor support to guide you through your new career. The ability to have feedback is the best manner to learn a skill such as programming.

  • Learn For The Real World

    Learn programming in a the way you actually need it: To use in the real world.

The Python Checklist

At DotPy we've built the longest Python tutorial EVER. We're probab;y going to be dreaming of Python in and infinite loop for a while. But what exactly do we cover you ask ?

  • Introduction To Python & Programming

  • Object Orientated Programming Using Python

  • Desktop Applications With Python

  • Web Development With Flask

  • Web Development With Django Too!

  • Machine Learning

  • Data Science

  • Automation

  • Databases

  • How To Bake A Pie...Maaaaybe